Our Philosophy

 All youth are capable of being successful if they are provided with a caring adult. (Love and Belonging)

  • By providing youth with the strength, courage, and skills necessary to handle difficult situations, they will be more likely to make good decisions. (Self-Actualization)
  • By raising self-esteem and confidence, youth will want to perform to their full potential and excel academically. (Esteem)
  • By allowing youth to experience a mind/body connection through health and wellness education and in-depth discussions, they will be able to gain a balanced spiritual connection. (Self-Actualization)
  • All youth should be given opportunities to explore their talents and voice their opinions without judgment or criticism. (Safety, Security, Love, Belonging)
  • By providing an outlet for youth to interact with peers in a positive environment, they are able to develop a social connection. (Belonging)

Meet the Making A Difference Consulting Team

Meleika A. Wadley

Co-Founder / Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Supervisor

Angela C. Flowers

Co-Founder / Licensed Independent Social Worker

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